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Rug Cleaning

How should my rug be washed?

Hand washing with a natural soap and soft water is the preferred method (the method used since ancient times in the Middle East). Dry cleaning processes using solvent can remove valuable natural oils from the wool fibers, causing the fibers to become brittle and break off.

In-home steam cleaning processes and other carpet cleaning processes should be avoided as hot water and strong alkaline detergents can be harmful to the wool.

We at Old World Rugs submerge the rugs into a bath of cold water, carefully washing it with a natural soap. The rugs are rinsed thoroughly, the P balanced and dried on special racks with optimum air movement.

Rug Cleaning

Will all the spots come out? 

Spots will come out, however some "stains" are permanent and will not. A permanent stain is caused by chemical action removing color from the fibers or adding color to the fibers. We can usually point out in advance which can be removed and which may be permanent.

Before the rugs are submerged in a bath of cold water, all spots are tested and removed as possible. Various "safe" spotters are used depending on the need. If we can't get it out, we're confident it can't be removed.

The thorough washing and rinsing removes any spotting residues.

Rug Cleaning Will washing my oriental rug harm it in any way, or shorten its life?

Washing your oriental rug properly will actually prolong its life! A thorough hand washing and rinsing removes the soil that can damage wool fibers and accelerate wear by cutting the fibers. Your rugs will not only be more beautiful in appearance, but the "hand" (texture) will be restored by removing all the soil and detergent residues.

Will the colors run?

Yes and no. Colors can run (especially on tribal rugs) if they are not tested and set properly. That's why it's essential to "know the rug" and the type of dyes used.

On the other hand, if tested and cleaned properly,

this can usually be avoided.

Rug Cleaning

Is it expensive to have rugs washed?

No it is not, especially considering the fact that a

properly cleaned rug only needs to be washed

every few years, depending on foot traffic.

The cost of maintenance is small compared to

the benefits of preserving the life of your rug.

What about moth proofing?

A thorough hand washing and rinsing is necessary to

remove moths, carpet beetles etc. A safe moth proofing

protectant can be applied as necessary to prevent future infestation.


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